Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sunshiny Showers

‘’A Sunshiny shower
Won’t last half an hour’’
Lots of April showers again this week and a little April rhyme, though it has been more the sunshine lasting half an hour and the rain pouring for the remaining 23 ½ hours …..
I took a stroll round my rather sodden garden today when the sun came out to see if any flowers have been brave enough to make an appearance. The sun, when it does come out, creates a brilliant light against the overcast sky making it really striking and we have had lots of really vivid rainbows.  The garden is beautifully lush and green after so much rain and the grass growing at an alarming rate (and so are the weeds) but  there are a few flowers that have opened despite the cold and wet. 
 Here’s a few.
                                Forget-me-nots with ladybird (there are loads of ladybirds this year)

                                White Bleeding Hearts

                                Shell pink apple blossom

                                Delicate white pear blossom

                                Pink Bluebells

                                    White Bluebells

                                   ... and blue Bluebells.

                                   Wild violets with their freckly flowers.

... and finally, wild strawberries – these have spread in the woodland area and have the most exquisite perfumed tiny fruits throughout the summer.

Friday, 20 April 2012

The Fluffy Slug at the Country Living Fair

This was to be my second visit to the Country Living Fair with The Fluffy Slug, having launched there last year but due to illness I was unable to attend in person.  My kind hubby and friends, Mishelle, Lesley and Marion attended for me.  I managed to get there and set up the stall but then had to come home, more than disappointed that I had to miss meeting the visitors to my stall and the other stall holders but also buying all the gorgeous goodies on sale at the Fair, especially the lovely handmade items. I did manage to buy something from The Sea Garden as Christine and her Mum was setting up as she was just a few stalls away - a tiny vintage box of teeny weeny sea shells collected from the Cornish coast and this now sits on my sun room window sill.
Here are just a few piccies of my stall and items that were on sale.

Hubby and friend Mishelle setting up the stall.

 Tote bags made using vintage French linen and decorated with images of vintage postcards.

Vintage compact with pouch made from vintage fabric.

Lavender hearts made from vintage linen, lace and jewellery

Tag pictures made from vintage ephemera and decorated with vintage treasured finds.                          

A close up of the tags

... and the tiny box of sea shells