Friday, 20 July 2012

Drunken Doves

Just outside our sun room is a vintage mangle topped with an old door held down by a brick or two, which serves as an improvised bird table (this was a temporary measure a couple of years ago but is so well visited by the local bird population - as well as the odd squirrel -  that we haven’t managed to make something more permanent).

Today, I was concerned to see our resident pair of ring necked doves in what looked like a crash landing on this makeshift table. They were just stuck there on their tummies with their little legs tucked up beneath them, eyes dazed, looking drunk and I thought, starting to get slightly panicky, that they were maybe ill or injured, perhaps attached by cats – Pumpkin, a ginger tomcat who lives next door is rather partial to a bit of dove or pigeon breast. However, on closer inspection I could see that they were actually catching the rays as the sun had made a rare and brief appearance. They were hogging the bird table and were sprawled right on top of the bird seed so the poor little sparrows and finches had to resort to pecking the seed that had spilled over onto the ground.

The doves were obviously enjoying themselves immensely and having a right old bask with their wings spread out, even turning to get the best position and a touch of warmth to all their bits. They didn’t even mind me poking my camera in their face for a close up.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Treasured Finds - The thrill of the chase

Rain, and other frustrations, has stopped play for the past few months and I have not been able to visit my usual haunts to stack up on vintage goodies or just to have my usual vintage fix.  I was therefore suffering a tadge from withdrawal symptoms, particularly when reading other blogs where purchases have been displayed in all their glory, so I was rather excited this weekend to be able to go to a flea market and a car boot fair and thought I would share my own treasured finds with you.

Eager and armed in anticipation (sturdy shoes, plenty of loose change along with His Nibs to carry items) I set off at a brisk pace with His Nibs trailing behind me. He knows when I have spotted something of interest by the (rather embarrassing, apparently) high pitched squeak that I emit – I have the ability, I am told, to home in on the tiniest vintage goody from 200 yards in a snow storm and (again causing the greatest embarrassment to his nibs), have trampled and elbowed (not consciously you understand) in a very ugly and unladylike manner, any unwitting persons coming between me and the spotted item, in my eagerness to bag the goody.
Anyway, enough said - I am sure any vintage addict who loves the thrill of the chase fully understands and appreciates so here are my latest finds that I sit and admire, drool over and yes ...... sometimes, stroke.

A 60’s child's sewing machine complete with (smirk) original carry case sporting the previous owners name written inside in her neatest hand. The machine sews beautifully with a very satisfying ‘chukkerty’ sound as you turn the handle and the most adorable teeny tiny chain stitch ever.

A tin plate vintage child’s shop till with a very pleasing ‘kerching’ when you ring up a sale, the little price tags  pop up in the pre-decimal ‘£’ and ‘d’ and the little money drawer opens.
A child’s 1930’2 abacus with the most gloriously coloured beads.

A 50’s Persil advertisement sign – I just love the expression of sheer joy on her face.

A soft sumptuous blanket edged in candy pink stripes – great for picnics or snuggling up in vintage caravans (only two weeks and three days to go…..)
A minute pack of cards with a delightful Scottie dog picture, a cute baby blue switch (not sure what I will do with that yet) and a delightful mother of pearl buckle

A stash of vintage thread

One much loved Rupert Bear annual

And finally ..... a gorgeously rounded 1930’s lemon yellow teapot complete with built in honeycomb shaped tea cosy with lemon Bakelite handle with the sweetest matching little milk jug, also complete with its very own cosy. This, I absolutely love and made His Nibs drink copious amounts of tea all afternoon so that I could use it and oh, how beautifully it pours.

 The naked teapot

PS Whilst uploading the photo's for my post the postman came and delivered a lovely letter from my friend Bren in Devon. Bren sent me a card which had reminded her of me and I can see why ......... The picture taken from a painting by Jenny Beck called Chickens in the Garden depicts one of my favourite pastimes - gardening in the veg patch (complete with hat) with my girls pecking away around me and my potting shed door open ... thank you Bren - you made my day.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Vintage caravans and cosy coves

In around two weeks, six days and sixteen hours I will be setting off packed, eager and beside myself with excitement for a few days in Cornwall to stay in a 1950’s vintage decorated pink caravan.
I am taking part in the lovely Homespun Summer Fair in Portscatho on Sunday 5 August so His Nibs and I are spending a few days before the fair cramming in visits to all the little coves on the Lizard peninsular, walking along cliffs, beachcombing and visiting historic houses and antique shops and , squeak, …… finding it very hard to contain myself …..  we are staying in a 1950’s caravan, nestled in a meadow and furnished in all things vintage – no electricity but gas lights and candlelight (His Nibs is still a bit shell shocked at how I talked him into it). I envisage cosy nights snuggled up under a plump eiderdown waking early to birdsong and the sound of waves lapping a nearby beach but I think he has a slightly different picture in his head.
I also have twitchy fingers in anticipation of the fair and all those divinely pretty vintage goodies all enticingly displayed on the neighbouring stalls.  Just as exciting as the looking and buying is the bringing home of my purchases and then finding them a new home in the cottage, so, oblivious of the rain and thunder outside, I am counting down the days and hours by making things for my own stall.
Last year, we spent our weekend driving round Cornwall with the car packed to the ginnels with goods and props for the fair so this year I have been making some smaller items that won’t take up so much space. I will still have a few signature Fluffy Slug items but also some new bits and will be spending the time until then joyfully surrounded by fabric, paper and buttons.

Here are just a few things ...

                                                   Make and create packs with vintage bits
                                             to make up a bunny or kitty from a vintage pattern

                                                             Lavender and lace hearts

                                                  Handmade concertina books in matchbox

                                                               Colourful lavender mice

                                                                    Vintage tag pictures

I really hope that you can visit the fair and find some goodies for yourself - The Portscatho Summer Fair Sunday 5 August at the Portscatho Memorial Hall from 10.00 a.m. till 3 p.m.