Saturday, 30 March 2013

The greenhouse is buffed

I was wrong …
Spring hasn’t sprungeth.
The buds showing joyfully only a few weeks ago …
… seem to have been put on hold.

It is snowing as I type.
Tiny flakes of powdery snow.
Settling in a thin white veil.

As much as I love winter …
… the snow, the frost and the cold …
… and I truly do …
… I long to see the lambs

… the birds gathering for their nests ...

… for the signs of new life.

My fingers itch to get in the garden.
Among the flowers.

To wander, to dig and plant.

The greenhouse if buffed ready for action.
 My fingers poised ready to put the clocks forward tonight.

For that glorious extra hour of daylight.
In which to potter and plan …

… for when Spring finally does come.


Wednesday, 27 March 2013


We are back...
... always good to come home.


Dilbert was so pleased to see me .....
..... he didn't stop shouting for two hours ...
... or purring.
I think he missed me.

The fair went well.
We met so many lovely people.
Vintage lovers with their own stories to tell.
My new makes went down well.

As did my treasured finds.
This amazing 1950's baby grooming set.

I so wanted to do a post on this alone.
It was so darling.
But no time.
And now it is with a new owner ...
... oh hum ...
The box itself was so charming...
... it unfolded to reveal the contents. 
Inside, everything to buff baby to perfection.
Brush, comb wrapped in a bow.
Soap dish and powder drum.

The box was covered with tiny Mabel Lucie Atwell / Kewpie -esque babies ...

All muted pastels ...
... the lily pads …..

….. and ducks...

Utterly enchanting. 

I really wanted to keep it a bit longer.


At the fair ...
I desperately wanted to own this.
The most dreamy little greenhouse.

And  bench...
... inviting you to take a seat.
It was part of the entrance display...
... instead ...
 I did some swapsies with Jane of Little Dye House ...
...  who had the neighbouring stall.

Jane sells pretty clothing for women and little girls.
She accessorises her stall with vintage finds.
This year it was vintage toys.

Little dolls house.

A faded shelf full of goodies.
Aching to be played with.

We did some swapsies.
My makes with her finds.
I brought home a gloriously faded roses decorated box …..

 ... 'a present from Scarborough' ...

… and this delicate glass picture ... 

... that had to be prised from her fingers …
… will be treasured.


Back to normality.
And making.
There is the Lincoln Fair next week.
To look forward to.
... if it stops snowing ...

Hope your week goes well.
Keep warm.


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Strawberry cream or caramel?

Strawberry cream or caramel?

Chocolates beautifully presented.
Vintage chocolate boxes.
Don’t you just love them?

Exquisitely decorated

With be-ribboned images of glamorous ladies …

… or tender romantic scenes.

Pretty thatched cottages with abundantly filled gardens.
Of roses, foxgloves and lupins.

Cuddly doe eyed puppies ..... 

..... or fluffy kittens adorned with a big bow.

The boxes themselves were utterly charming.

Even the delicately  embossed glascine wrap.
Protecting the delights within.
Nothing sophisticated …
… or perhaps it was then …
Orange cream and coffee cream.

Soft caramel and hard toffee.
Moist coconut, hazelnut and marzipan.
And the one that no one seemed to covet …
… the grainy Turkish Delight.

I’m a soft centre girl myself.
Rose or violet cream.
Wrapped in  dark chocolate ….. yummy!
I have a modest collection of vintage boxes

Filled with ribbons, labels and other vintage goodies.

Do you have a favourite?


(My apologies for the pants quality of the piccies ... due to the miserable weather and resulting light conditions).

Sunday, 10 March 2013

CL Tickets

Just one week to go.
Still beavering away... 
Just a quick post about the CL tickets ...
... offered in a previous post ...

As there was only three followers  able to attend. 
I can offer tickets to you all. 
If you can each e-mail me your address please.
 I can pop the tickets in the post for you.

Maria at Rosey Tinted Spectacles
Jax's View

Please call in and say 'hello' - it will be so lovely to meet you in person.


Saturday, 2 March 2013

It has sprungeth!

Yep, I think it may have.
Tussling winter for her place perhaps.

Snowdrops are the last flower of winter

Aconites, crocuses and primroses the first flowers of spring

And they are here in abundance.
Swathes of yellow and splashes of purple, lilac and blue.

Other flowers too

Daffodils …
… not open yet but are definitely yellow in their budding readiness.

The trees and shrubs are all tipped in lime green.

… we have had warm sunshine for a couple of days.
Not a hint of a breeze.
The cottage windows thrown open all day.

Dilbert could be found taking in the rays on every window sill as he followed the sun round.
The girls were dust bathing in their own sun warmed spot.
Grinning in bliss
No, honestly!

Winter is still throwing in the odd morning of frost.
And that definite nip when the sun goes down.
But I think spring has spungeth ...

Makes me want to skip …


... don't forget the gift-away in my last post.