Thursday, 13 December 2012

Winter Wonderland

This week’s frosty days have been magical.
The fields and hedges have stayed white all day long.

The days silent and still.
Without a breath of wind.
My absolute favourite season of the year.

With its sparkling frosts.
Coating the ground with glitter.
(I wish the camera could capture the glitter)
And white breath on the air.
The whitest moon clear against the black velvet night …
(It looked so much bigger through the camera!)
studded with stars
(Venus to the left)
(The frost on the gate)

(with a birds foot prints)
That beautiful low soft light.
Bare trees black against a beautiful clear blue sky ..

… a sky that turns red as the sun rises, or sets.

The chance to cosy up in front of a roaring crackling fire.

To the glorious scent of spicy fragranced candles.
And twinkly lights.
Roasted chestnuts for hubby ...
... frothy hot chocolate for me.
That first perfect unblemished blanket of snow (when it eventually comes)
The crunching sound underfoot.
Stamping snow off your boots before coming indoors and …
… snuggling up in bed under layers of duvet and eiderdown (yes, I have both)
Thick socks and jumpers, hats and mittens.
This is what winter means for me.
Along with my wooded walks, of course.
I was so looking forward to welcoming the promised ‘Beast from the East’
From Syberia.
But it isn’t coming now ...
... shame.
I was looking forward to making snow angels.
And a snowman and a snow cat - with my neighbour.
We always make a snow cat.
With twiggy whiskers.
My friend in America already has snow.
Hello Karyn :)
We usually follow a couple of weeks later.
So maybe ….. here’s hoping.
I will be waiting.
But in the meantime, I am enjoying the frost.
Keep toasty.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Lovely Weekend

I spent a few ‘chilling out’ days at my friend’s home.
Lovely relaxed evenings by a flickering fire.
Chatting and catching up.
A huge chunk soup├žon of chocolate.
A goldfish bowl teeny tot of Baileys.
With ice.
Perfumed candles flickering …

… and filling the air with their warm spicy scent.
(The White Company’s ‘Winter’ is the most amazing scent of cloves, cinnamon and orange)
Lots of countryside walks.
Through the ‘Magic’ wood ...
(Apparently, you have to get to the other side without the troll grabbing your ankles)

… with my friend M's little Pug Wilson and her son.
We spent a few hours in Cambridge.
A town seeped in history and atmosphere.

Warm stone and leaded windows.

Twinkling lights.

Individual shops full of gorgeous little things
Cafes with big comfy chairs …
… and special coffees.

Where you can relax …
… and eat cake ... or a chocolate macaroon.

Watch the world go by.
Back home.
Dilbert missed me.
I missed him more.
A big armful of black furry purry cuddliness.

Hubby didn’t get a look in.
Keep warm.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Sleepover

Whispering and giggling …
… until the early hours.
Midnight snacks and lots of chocolate.
The telling of secrets …
… with your best friends.

Yep! I’m still making bunnies.
But, I have also been making mattresses …
… and little lace edged pillows and quilts …

… for these 1950’s dolls bunk beds I bought from a car boot.

Tufted ticking mattresses ...

… vintage quilting, cut to size …
… edged and adorned with some extra stitches.
A charming way to display  the bunnies at fairs.