Thursday, 31 January 2013

Dinky Sweetness

The white stuff has all gone now.
It went overnight.

Along with the snowman …
… and the snow cat.

All that was left was a hat and a carrot.
Lying abandoned on the grass.

A bit sad really.


The Lincoln vintage fair was cancelled.
That was sad too.

We had planned to go.
So, we called in on my regular vintage lady J.
J has a proper rummagy room.
Bursting to the rafters.
Of all sorts of vintage goodness.

Picked up some vintage linen maps …

Glorious colours.

 Fabulous fonts.

… and then drooled over, squealed, clapped hands and eventually, had to have …

… these exquisite little baby doll crocheted shoes …

Two pairs of dinky sweetness.

One and a half inches of sheer cuteness.

… with the teeniest, tiniest little buttons I have ever seen.

The booties were still plumped with tissue paper.
In a tatty blue box.

Even His Nibs loves them.

I will frame them  in a box with a few words ...
When I have stopped drooling …..


Saturday, 26 January 2013

A Message of Love

Sweet is the smile of home, the mutual look, when hearts are of each other sure. 
John Keble.

In today’s world.
With its stresses and anxieties …..

….. and the increasing demands on our day .....

..... countless things pressing for our attention.

There is little time to share …

… with loved ones.

Sometimes, there is no time to cosset

Or appreciate.


These teeny matchbox drawers.

Hold a special message.

A message of affection.
Of sweet sayings …

… a billet doux

To brighten the day …

… of a treasured one.

With beautiful expressions of love.


Friday, 25 January 2013

The Snowman, the Snow Cat and the Snowball

I am trying hard not to mention the white stuff.
I know some of you don’t like it.
And are really fed up with it ...
... have taken to hibernating indoors.
To get away from it.

The white stuff.
We had some more.

It turned the garden into a magical wonderland.
I absolutely love it.

As you may have guessed ...

It is so beautiful.

Every detail ... so stunning .....

… so perhaps you can forgive me for posting about it just once more. 
Just one or two piccies?
Maybe three or four?

... to indulge me ...

I made my snowman ...

... and my snow cat ...

... but didn't get the unsuspecting neighbour ...
... with my snowball. 
His is bigger than me ...
... and a much better aim.

So I settled on icicles instead.

Now I will keep quiet ...
... about the snow.
 Move onto something else.


The sweetheart boxes ...
... are finished ... 


Thursday, 24 January 2013

Vintage Adventures and a Girl Guide Diary.

A quick trip out at the weekend.
To the flea market.
Just to stretch my legs …
… and get some fresh air.
Picked up a couple of treasures …
… not much.
A colourful pile of vintage children’s books ...

… stories of thrilling adventures with drama and excitement aplenty.

And a teeny Girl Guide note book and diary from 1934.
Belonging to a girl called Barbara.
Aged 12.

Recording her own adventures.
Swimming, camping and excursions to York and London.

Trips to see her sister Lilian and friends Beaty and Vera.
As well as helpful tips on bandaging a head …

… how to find a compass point without a compass …

… cooking in camp and how to throw a lifeline.
All useful stuff.

I just love peering into snippets of other people’s lives – don’t you?.
Wondering, what they did, their thoughts and who they turned out to be.
I easily get side tracked.
According to the diary entries, Barbara didn’t care much for school.

But loved Girl Guides and the outdoors.
I wonder who she turned out to be.
She’d be 91 now.


What else did I bring home …..
A couple of vintage annuals.

Full of beautiful illustrations …

… of cherubic children with dimpled knees.

Wearing frilly frocks covered in daisies …

… and quaint words like ‘gay’ and ‘joy’.

That’s about it .....
A small haul.
But big on entertainment and cuteness.