Thursday, 28 February 2013

I am fast disappearing ..... and a 'gift-away'

I am fast disappearing .....
..... under a mountain of fabric, thread and paper.

The cottage is too.
Almost every available surface ...
...  is piled with bunting, bunnies, hearts and unfinished projects.

Sewing, making, pricing and packing.

Scarcely any time to read my favourite blogs
Let alone pen a post.
Or, do much else really ... 
... other than prepare.

For the Country Living Spring Fair.
The weeks are speeding past at an alarming rate.
The fair looming far too fast coming up very, very soon
Three weeks in fact

How did that happen???
Where did the time go??!!
Frazzled? … Yes, a little.
Getting into a frenzied state of disarray excited though
Occasionally, need to take time out from needle and thread.

 To bake.
Or walk.
To play with Dilbert who vies for my attention by using handmade items as missiles and his little kitty toys.

He loves that.
Or, I go and talk to the girls.
They are always happy to stop digging for a quick gossip.
Or to set their henny world to rights.

Before I return to pricing
And packing

And all those laborious last minute jobs that seem to take forever.
That only those who make and sell can truly appreciate.


I hope that you can pop in and say hello if you are there.

The Country Living Spring Fair 
20 – 24 March 2013
Stand 137a


''A Gift-Away''


The Country Living Fair 
Wednesday 20 - Sunday 24 March 2013 
 The Business design Centre Islington
(the nearest tube is Angel)

The Fair plays host to independent designers, small producers and craftspeople from across the British Isles.

If you would like to attend I have two pairs of fair tickets (one pair per winner)  - not valid on Saturday -  and two pairs of Gala Evening tickets for the Wednesday evening 6.30 p.m. and 9 p.m. to 'gift-away' 

To enter the draw just leave a comment (state whether you prefer day or gala evening tickets) and I will pick the winners on Sunday 10 March.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Tokens of Love .....

 Love is in the air …

… and no one did it quite like the Victorians.

Expressions and tokens of love, that is.

To them, flowers had special meanings.


Jewellery did too.

Little signs that said ‘I love you’

Or ‘you are so special to me’.

Under their strict code of etiquette
They invented new ways to woo.

To capture and embrace their feelings and emotions.

The positioning of fans and gloves …

… and prettily lace edged handkerchiefs .....
..... were given special connotations.

Delicate brooches, or pins, elegantly set with gemstones …
… spelled out a message.

Of love.


Photographs of dear ones were delightfully presented …

… on delicately embossed mounts.


Exquisitely decorated cards ...

... composed in a beautifully expressive language …

… allowed tender messages of deep affection.

Beautiful sentiments.
To be surrendered to another ...

... with unspoken elegance.