Monday, 26 November 2012

A vintage quilt, a dolls wardrobe and a stitch in time.

Last week was blustery and wet to say the least.
Cold and damp and far too windy to walk upright.
So we dropped in at a nearby antique centre on Saturday for a stroll round and a visit to their cafe.
Just for a change.
Didn’t intend buying anything.
No, really …
Then spotted this vintage quilt …
Casually folded over an old pram.

We have been looking for something for ages to drape across the settee.
Caroline Zoob style.
A deliciously worn patchwork quilt, all sumptuously soft loveliness, combining ticking, floral and dotty cottons …..
…..  in faded reds, off whites and blues.
Utterly gorgeous.

Squeals of delight all round.
And a happy dance.

Or two.


And if that wasn’t enough...

... I got this vintage dolls wardrobe, which is perfect for displaying goods at fairs.
Then to sell on, a delightful vintage picture

 ‘A Stitch in Time’
Beautifull illustration.
A little 1930’s doll dressed in her finest ...

...and finally, a strip of vintage labels for the stash basket.

Isn’t that just the way?
You see nothing at all when you want to buy …
… or lots of lovely things when you don’t.
I stopped there, as we have the Lincoln Fair coming up in a week.
And I have to save some pennies for then.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend.


Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Vintage Laptop?

I was listening to the local radio yesterday.
They had a 'phone in' on typewriter memories.
The last typewriter ever, was being rolled off the production line in the UK.
Another era gone.

I have a particular affection for old typewriters …

… and have a few displayed round the cottage.
I use them to write letters to friends …
… and in art or craft.

It has something to do with the font …..
….. and the lovely clattering noise as you type.
The beautiful workmanship …

… and the feel of the keys on your fingertips.

The satisfying sound of the paper being drawn from the roller ‘Murder She Wrote’ style when you have finished typing.
And the instant conjuring of an iconic image …..
….. the sleep deprived author tapping away at his latest novel …..

….. screwed up balls of discarded paper scattered over the floor.
Typewriter memories from callers to the radio station included learning to type to the sound of the William Tell Overture, which speeds up as it progresses … crikey!
… of overzealous fingers being jammed between the keys …

… or split finger ends after a day’s hard typing – yuk! …
Sticking keys, gloopy Tippex and painful knuckles (rapped with a ruler by a rather brutal teacher on spotting a student peeking at the keys).
Not exactly an nostalgic image.
My favourite typewriter is this vintage version, forerunner of the modern laptop, perhaps.
This makes more of a pleasing clickety noise rather than a clatter.

It folds down small and sits neatly into its own carry case
(I have the case but it is stored in the garage ..... there may be spiders ...)
To take anywhere .....
..... like a laptop.
How far we have come.
In such a short space of time.
Feather light, touch screen, multi fonted.
Sell check and backspace to amend any mistake.
No excuse really for any typing errors.
Yes, I do have a certain fondness for typewriters …..
… but I really wouldn’t like to be parted from my laptop.


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My Speciality - a good cup of tea

Not a very colourful post.
But really quite quaint.
Social history holds a certain appeal for me …
… particularly from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.
Comparing just how we have changed.
In a relatively short space of time.
Not only in how we conduct ourselves but in the language we use.
I bought some theatre programmes from the 1920’s.
As well as the details of the play …
… every other available space in the programme is crammed with advertisements.
They are very interesting.
In the 1920’s, an evening out at the theatre was a special event.
You would dress up in your finest (no jeans here)
And nibble daintily on a box of Opera Creams.
For your evening at the Arcadia theatre (for six nights only - twice nightly)
London’s latest farcical comedy success.
You can get a seat from as little as 5d (including tax) or pay up to 2/- (two shillings) a seat.
 You can store your cycle at the theatre for free but ‘at Owner’s Risk’.
The advertisements boast that you can get a Marcel or permanent wave with Monsieur Marc in attendance ...
You can have new teeth that never change colour and never wear out …..

….. purchase a well-cut blouse from the Spirella Corset Parlours (with Mrs J A Thompson in attendance no less)…..

….. or a gown and fur from Madame Beatrice - Speciality Dressmaker – (sounds a bit like a brothel owner) …

Purchase your Opera Creams from Mrs Bullocke who proudly announces in her advertisement ‘My Speciality – A good cup of Tea’

But my favourite here has to be the timely advice given to the ladies …
Notice to Ladies – Ladies are earnestly requested to remove their hats and bonnets in all parts of the house, and so not spoil the enjoyment of persons sitting at the back of them and also kindly refrain from the dangerous practise of pinning their hats to the back of the chairs, as several serious accidents have happened through this practise.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Treasures from the Swinderby Fair

I popped along to the Swinderby Fair yesterday.
Brrrrr, it was very cold.
All the stalls were outside too.
Got layered up like the Michelin man.
Well prepared.
A bit disappointed though.
Lots of people elbowing their way in to the front of the stalls
Some lovely goodies but very expensive.
Mr Frenchmen was there.
With his lovely stuff.
But otherwise, not much of my thing.
Came away with a very tiny haul of goodies …..
….. but pleased.
My total haul …..
….. acres of this beautiful 1930’s French fabric.
Can you tell I am pleased with this?
An etched glass brooch (will go perfectly on a tag picture)
 A selection of vintage cards …..
A card loaded with adorable pink ribbon.
A length of linen pom pom trim.
And a partridge in a pear tree dinky box of boot buttons.
Isn't this so sweet?
A small haul yes, but the best things come in small packages ...
... and one has to save ones self for the bumper fairs next month.
Enjoy your Tuesday




Monday, 5 November 2012

No Need for Words .....

No need for words …..
..... when beauty speaks for itself.
This was the scene early this morning,
when I walked down the garden to open the chicken coup.
The car was covered in these amazing frosted feathers.


Jack Frost at his most artistic .....
ed for words …..

….. when beauty speaks for itself.

This was the scene this morning,

when I walked down the garden to open the chicken coup.

The car windscreen was covered in these amazing frosted feathers.