Monday, 11 February 2013

Tokens of Love .....

 Love is in the air …

… and no one did it quite like the Victorians.

Expressions and tokens of love, that is.

To them, flowers had special meanings.


Jewellery did too.

Little signs that said ‘I love you’

Or ‘you are so special to me’.

Under their strict code of etiquette
They invented new ways to woo.

To capture and embrace their feelings and emotions.

The positioning of fans and gloves …

… and prettily lace edged handkerchiefs .....
..... were given special connotations.

Delicate brooches, or pins, elegantly set with gemstones …
… spelled out a message.

Of love.


Photographs of dear ones were delightfully presented …

… on delicately embossed mounts.


Exquisitely decorated cards ...

... composed in a beautifully expressive language …

… allowed tender messages of deep affection.

Beautiful sentiments.
To be surrendered to another ...

... with unspoken elegance.



  1. how lovely~ I want to make vintage valentine's cards now~


  2. Aren't they delightful! They sure knew how to make pretty .

  3. Absolutely lovely. Thanks for sharing these images.

  4. Gorgeous post and super pix. Lizzie

  5. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I so wish I had such lovely handwriting as they did! ;) xo Heather

  6. These are all so beautiful ... you're right the Victorians really knew how to express themselves. Lovely post, thanks for sharing all these images :) Wendy

  7. ~ Such a pretty post and I must say I agree the Victorians did seem to have it all...LOVE the brooches, they are my thing! Thanks for sharing with us all! Love maria x

  8. I love all the old cards they are really romantic ! and lovely handwriting too !
    Gail x

  9. Oh my - that brooch is particularly lovely. The Victorians were true romantics I think
    Best wishes


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