Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Adventures of Bunnifer Bounce.

Part of the joy of using vintage materials in my work …
… is the delight in sourcing them.
Since moving down here I have had to find new dealers ...
...  but discovering a new treasure still results in a squeal …
.. or happy dance of some sort.

The thrill never fades.
Children's books are the most fun.

for a treasured find previously posted)

From the dedication inscription in the front cover …

… that gives a glimpse of the little being …
… who sat down and poured over the delightful illustrations …

… laughed at the high jinks of the characters within …

… and became enthralled by the adventures brought alive upon the pages.

To the appealing titles drew the children’s attention.
The adventures of Bunnifer Bounce.
With illustrations of fluffy tailed bunnies ...

... and birdies with beaming faces,

... red cheeked pixies with pointy ears and pointy shoes.

They are utterly enchanting!
Stories with a moral message contained within the lines.

Captivating, even today.


I include elements of these books in a lot in things I make
and incorporate the pages within my handmade journals.

A nostalgic interlude to the blank pages.
To inspire, to captivate, to reminisce.


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  1. I love all of your vintage illustrations they are gorgeous xxx
    Lynn xx


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