Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Sparkling Dew

Early mornings here are now filled with bright sunlight …
… filtering through the greenery …

… and throwing thousands of little sparkles …
… on the dew drenched grass.

It is so, so pretty.

The days are much longer …
… and warmer.

The birds are busy nesting.
The bees are busy too.

I have been working in the garden.
… and going on long lazy walks in the countryside …

… where the lane tops are ablaze with yellow gorse …
… scenting the air around with sweet coconut.
(Just like the pink liquorice allsorts)

The verges a white and green sea of wild garlic …
… smelling of … garlic.
In between are all the spring flowers …

… that fill the hedgerows here.


Felicity and Violet …

… always welcome a carrot or two.

Don’t you just love that hairy chin?


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  1. hehe yeah love it ! a springtime walk is just so lovely when all the buds are unfurling on the trees , it's a wonderful time !
    Gail x


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