Friday, 13 July 2012

Vintage caravans and cosy coves

In around two weeks, six days and sixteen hours I will be setting off packed, eager and beside myself with excitement for a few days in Cornwall to stay in a 1950’s vintage decorated pink caravan.
I am taking part in the lovely Homespun Summer Fair in Portscatho on Sunday 5 August so His Nibs and I are spending a few days before the fair cramming in visits to all the little coves on the Lizard peninsular, walking along cliffs, beachcombing and visiting historic houses and antique shops and , squeak, …… finding it very hard to contain myself …..  we are staying in a 1950’s caravan, nestled in a meadow and furnished in all things vintage – no electricity but gas lights and candlelight (His Nibs is still a bit shell shocked at how I talked him into it). I envisage cosy nights snuggled up under a plump eiderdown waking early to birdsong and the sound of waves lapping a nearby beach but I think he has a slightly different picture in his head.
I also have twitchy fingers in anticipation of the fair and all those divinely pretty vintage goodies all enticingly displayed on the neighbouring stalls.  Just as exciting as the looking and buying is the bringing home of my purchases and then finding them a new home in the cottage, so, oblivious of the rain and thunder outside, I am counting down the days and hours by making things for my own stall.
Last year, we spent our weekend driving round Cornwall with the car packed to the ginnels with goods and props for the fair so this year I have been making some smaller items that won’t take up so much space. I will still have a few signature Fluffy Slug items but also some new bits and will be spending the time until then joyfully surrounded by fabric, paper and buttons.

Here are just a few things ...

                                                   Make and create packs with vintage bits
                                             to make up a bunny or kitty from a vintage pattern

                                                             Lavender and lace hearts

                                                  Handmade concertina books in matchbox

                                                               Colourful lavender mice

                                                                    Vintage tag pictures

I really hope that you can visit the fair and find some goodies for yourself - The Portscatho Summer Fair Sunday 5 August at the Portscatho Memorial Hall from 10.00 a.m. till 3 p.m.

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