Thursday, 4 October 2012

Mr Fox and a Mountain of Lace

Am back from the first of the weeks fairs with my lace reserves suitably replenished.
The very second pitch I saw had tables laden with boxes bulging with lace just begging to be rummaged through. I spent a great deal of time at this stall squealing at the goodies on display. Mounds of gorgeously textured lace pieces, lace collars, edgings and modesty panels in the most exquisite work. The stall holder joined me and squealed too. Reminiscing over the stash that she had re-discovered in her garage after being stored there when she moved house thirteen years ago. She remembered the tale behind each piece. I love these stories.


Inside from the wind and drizzle I met some lovely ladies. All who cherish the same things as me. Their stalls bursting with beautiful things. I took some piccies but they haven't come out very well but here is just a few. Jayne’s pitch was very pleasing on the eye with pretty vintage quilts and china.


I met Serena and Julie at their stall, full of beautifully embroidered linens and delicate china, which they hire out. I bought lace.
Lyn sells lots of delightful vintage haberdashery.
I visit her stall a lot.
I bought more lace.
Lots of lace...
... trims and ribbon. 
Look at the giant ric rac.
The most gorgeous delicate ivory silk ribbon.
Suitably loaded with lace, I took a wander around back outside to see what else was on offer.
The just plain adorable…..

… to the out and out bizarre – this made me laugh.

Lots and lots of potential Assistants ..... 
..... with shockingly high price tags.
This little fella was puzzled about something ...

 I picked up a few little treasures for my tiny tag collage pictures

Outside, there was not many linen stalls this time – in fact, apart from the lace ladies, not much of my thing at all...
... then I spotted Mr Fox.
Slumped on the damp grass by the edge of a blanket.
All alone.
His head bent in misery.
 I strolled over and picked him up for a closer look.
And saw that nose.
That nose is the cutest little nose ever.
He came home with me.

Look how utterly adorable he is.
He laughs ...
A big brush foxy tail is gorgeously floppy ...

 ... foxy beady eyes ...
... but it his nose that I love the best.

 I came home newly inspired to start creating ….
… and limbering up for the Newark Fair on Friday
Will report in with any treasures that I find there.


  1. Thank you so much for visiting our stall on Tuesday! Enjoy using your lace!
    Your blog is delightful and is so lovely to read, we'll be frequent visitors to it!

  2. ... it was so lovely to see you both. I hope that the show went well and I look forwared to seeing what goodies you have on offer in December.

    1. Hello!
      We won't be at the December Fair :-(
      We will be there in April though and in the meantime, please do keep an eye on our website as we're hoping to add a selling section to it.
      Mr Fox looks magnificent! Hope he proves to be a helpful companion!

  3. There are lots of real foxes where I live but EVERY time I see one I have to say "LOXY"! And point at it grinning like a mad woman.
    I think I'd be apoplectic if I had that handsome boy in my house!!


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