Thursday, 25 October 2012

Toadstools and Dewdrops

The past few days have been pretty miserable haven’t they?
The fog hasn’t lifted all day.
In fact, the last few days have been draped in this eerie blanket of mist.
It hasn’t been cold, just damp and very, very still.
Like the day is holding its breath.
Time seems somehow, to stand still.
Even the girls are subdued.
Everyday sounds are muffled .....
..... and the silence is intensified.
Just the birds sing.
But, no matter how miserable the day is…..
….. or how gloomy.
Nature is beautiful.

Every surface in the garden is adorned with spiders webs, intricately spun, and highlighted with tiny glistening dew drops.
Perfect little beads of light, reflecting the mist around them.
The mist finally lifted at tea time.
Quickly and unexpectedly.
Just in time for that magical pre-dusk light when the sun is really low in the sky.

I took my camera into the woods.
I thought it would be orange and yellow but the leaves are only just turning here.

You could hear the water dripping off the trees.
Everything was bejewelled with these sparkling droplets.

The leaves and the seed pods and even the grass. 

Best of all though, was the fairy tale toadstools. 

Perfectly beautiful in their own miniature world.


Like tiny floured bread buns.

Something has taken a nibble out of this one.
Can’t have been very nice ….. there was just the one bite.
Yip, no matter how grey the day seems.
Nature’s beauty always shines through.
Isn’t creation amazing?


  1. A wonderful post and piccies,LoVe the spiders webs and toadstools,nature an instant mood lifter,love it. happy friday lovely,xxxxxx

  2. Hello again..
    Nature always lifts and revives my spirit.
    Your wood looks enchanted and I can imagine it comes alive at night with pixies and woodland animals, hehe!
    I love those mushroom and I wonder who was feeling hungry, but had to leave in a hurry....
    Wishing you a magical weekend and I do hope the sun shows his face!
    love Maria x

  3. Fantastic ethereal photos! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and very much looking forward to reading more of yours.

    Anna x

  4. Love your blog! Look forward to reading more ... M x

  5. What beautiful photos and gorgeous blog...... So happy to be following...... X :) x


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