Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Lovely Weekend

I spent a few ‘chilling out’ days at my friend’s home.
Lovely relaxed evenings by a flickering fire.
Chatting and catching up.
A huge chunk soupçon of chocolate.
A goldfish bowl teeny tot of Baileys.
With ice.
Perfumed candles flickering …

… and filling the air with their warm spicy scent.
(The White Company’s ‘Winter’ is the most amazing scent of cloves, cinnamon and orange)
Lots of countryside walks.
Through the ‘Magic’ wood ...
(Apparently, you have to get to the other side without the troll grabbing your ankles)

… with my friend M's little Pug Wilson and her son.
We spent a few hours in Cambridge.
A town seeped in history and atmosphere.

Warm stone and leaded windows.

Twinkling lights.

Individual shops full of gorgeous little things
Cafes with big comfy chairs …
… and special coffees.

Where you can relax …
… and eat cake ... or a chocolate macaroon.

Watch the world go by.
Back home.
Dilbert missed me.
I missed him more.
A big armful of black furry purry cuddliness.

Hubby didn’t get a look in.
Keep warm.


  1. Oh I do think Dilbert is sooo handsome and what a lovely break you have had!
    ....does us all good to get away sometimes,
    thanks for sharing your lovely pictures...
    D x

    1. Thank you - I will tell him you said so ... he will be pleased as he is always telling me the same thing ...

  2. .....yum choccie macaroon for me too......love them......what a lovely treat to get away and Cambridge is at its most beautiful best at Christmas........x

    1. My first ever macaroon - it was so yummy ...

  3. The brambly woods really DO look magical! Are you sure the pug isn't a troll?! It looks like a beautiful get-away. Wendy

    1. He he - he is a little sweetie though I am sure my friend would agree he does sound like a troll when he starts snoring!

  4. Awww love your sweet, kittie!
    Those woods do look enchanting and of course these special days with dear friends are just the nicest times....Cambridge looks wonderful!
    Sending kind thoughts, love Maria x

  5. Lovely post..looks like you had a wonderful time..I love Dilbert bless
    Thea x

  6. What a lovely couple of days. We will have to do it again - says Wilson! Love the pics.

  7. Oh what a lovely warm post..scented candles, flickering fire, countryside walks ( and trolls, eep )..oh and Cambridge.....i love Cambridge, a wonderful town to wander in the evening, lots of cobbled streets and yummy shops.....i can remember our last visit having lunch in a really super veggie cafe, we sat downstairs tucked into a corner eating cake.......lovely.
    Thank you for the walk down memory lane

    1. Do you mean the Rainbow cafe, which is tucked away down a side alley and in a vaulted basement near the Kings college? that is where we always go for lunch - absolutely gorgeous food and relaxed atmosphere... can't beat it.


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