Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Sleepover

Whispering and giggling …
… until the early hours.
Midnight snacks and lots of chocolate.
The telling of secrets …
… with your best friends.

Yep! I’m still making bunnies.
But, I have also been making mattresses …
… and little lace edged pillows and quilts …

… for these 1950’s dolls bunk beds I bought from a car boot.

Tufted ticking mattresses ...

… vintage quilting, cut to size …
… edged and adorned with some extra stitches.
A charming way to display  the bunnies at fairs.






  1. Beautiful...
    They look like they have been made by Elves.
    How Magical *****
    love Maria x

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Amanda x

  3. They look so delightful..I love their little bed
    Thea x

  4. Your adorable rabbits look so cosy tucked up. The fabrics and quilts are beautiful too!
    Wendy x

  5. Your Bunny's look so cute all tucked up.And I love there little beds.

  6. You are so clever, they are gorgeous, must of taken hours, and their bunk beds...that mattress brings back happy memories!! , I had my Great nana's bed as a teenager, had a blue and white mattress just like that one :-)

  7. Thank you for stopping by our blog and admiring the Pixie bowl. Lovely to find you! Those Bunnies are so adorable, especially in that little bed. x

  8. hi there, just came to say (a toothless!) hello and thanks for your comment.
    I love your blog and think I probably love your hens too- our present girls are Melanie, Joan, Edie and Mrs Browne so I guess we have similar taste there!
    Hope to catch-up again

  9. Gorgeous bunnies - they look so comfy in their bunk bed :)

    They remind me of the raggie dolls I make :)

  10. what a lovely blog ! and I love these bunnies !! We have 3 cats and we used to have a pet hen ...she was such a character ! Gail x

  11. Oh my heavens these bunnies are just so gorgeous!


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