Sunday, 14 July 2013

A Romantic Garden

There is nothing so pleasant-er on a balmy baking summer’s afternoon, 
(and it was seriously baking yesterday – 31degrees)
Than having a mosey (and a nosey) round an open garden.

Hall Farm in Harpswell is one that I have visited many times ...
...  over many years ...
The sun always seems to be shining there.

It is an incredibly romantic garden full of hidden areas, 
cottage garden plants,

... old scented roses rambling over old brick walls ...
... wildflower meadows ...

... water features and meandering brick paths ... 

... abundantly edged with lavender and cat mint.

You wander round with nostrils filled 
with the heady scent of old roses.
... which the owner used to specalise in when she ran a nursery ...
... and which adorn my own garden.

At every turn there are places to sit and ponder ...

... or just people watch.

Tea and cake was offered in the beautiful old farmhouse
Or outside on the lawn
How very English!

Ice cream sold from an old ‘stop me and buy one’ bicycle,
ridden by a lady donned in Edwardian dress.
For me though, it was far too mafting for anything more than orange squash.
How very Enid Blyton

Today, it is not so blisteringly hot
There is the very gentlest of breezes
So I can enjoy my own garden
And catch up with the girls.



  1. What an absolutely perfect garden (and house by the looks of it)! Your photos somehow manage to portray the heat too! Hope you had a pleasant time in your own spot of blooming-loveliness this afternoon...

  2. It's a beautiful place, you have some good pictures. I love the leafy water feature.

  3. Gorgeous garden, I bet the roses smelt divine ~ Sarah x

  4. Fabulous garden. Love the quirky sculptures.

  5. Oh what a gorgeous garden you came home with a few new plants too!! open gardens are great for inspiration aren't they ? love the sculpted head !
    Gail x

  6. The flowers on your post , oh , i love them , beautiful sky blue !
    Love ♥RINI♥ the netherlands


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