Sunday, 29 September 2013

Resurfasing ...

I’m back.
 From under a mountain of paperwork …
…  from choosing agents and all that that entails …
… having strangers invade my cottage …
… to prepare the required paperwork and certificates bureaucracy at its absolute worst!
… to allow us to ‘let’ the cottage.
To move to Cornwall.
Where we go from this ...

... to this.

I have finally come up for air.
The cottage is let and the packing has begun.
Hubby moved down to start work two months ago …
… I stayed here to sort everything out.
I missed August completely … and half of September.
Emerged to find a sprinkling of these …

… an abundance of these … 

Being invaded by these …
Have you noticed how many Daddy Long Legs there are this year?!

I do love their haphazard, fumbling clumsiness.
I adore the changing of the seasons don't you?
Where you get the best of two seasons in one day.

The definite nip in the air and the autumn mists in the morning …
… but the warmth of sun and blue skies during the day.


I did managed to squeeze few other things in too.
Looked after this cute little fella for a couple of weeks.

Walked the legs off me.
A gorgeous bundle of joy.
Really missed him when he went home.
Apart from the hair
(sorry Mish - still getting over that one)

Visited a food festival.

Yummy things to sample.

And buy.

Visited a deliciously old fashioned village fete.
In an equally old fashioned vilage hall.
With prizes for odd shaped veg ...

... and giant cabbages.

The obligatory village hall notice.

And I managed a bit of harvesting, gathering, preserving and bottling for me ....
... and for the farm shop that I make for.


Living alone again these past few weeks ...
... having only me to think about ...
... awakened a re-discovery in me ...
... of who I am ...
... who I want to be ...
... where I want to be.
Where I want to go ...
... Oh ...
... and David Soul ...

Oh Boy! gorgeous creature and my 70's heart throb.


I sort of got lost a little along the way ...
... and never even noticed.
Anyway, more on that later ...
... for now ...
... I am just happy to be back in the land of the living.



  1. Glad to see you back, thought for a while there you were gone for good.

  2. Ooh I do love a bit of craggy!! Yes 100's of daddy long legs here too... all over the grass... wondering where the name came from?? Cx

  3. Looks like quite exciting times ahead, hope it all goes well x

  4. wonderful images ! and my heart throb was Mr Souls' partner .. Starsky ... now you have me day-dreaming !! Enjoy your new home... Gail x

  5. LOVELY to have you back....I missed you.
    Ooh and a bit of Mr Soul too...Perfect!
    Happy new month and season...Maria x

  6. wow what a move and where are you now...still missing you!
    bestest Daisy J x


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