Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bring out the Bunting

On this Diamond Jubilee weekend bunting is everywhere! I love bunting - it looks so pretty, especially the flower, stripe and dotty bedecked bunting draped through trees for a sunny afternoon tea in the garden or a traditional English village fete but the sea of red, white and blue bunting festooned across side streets for the Jubilee weekend, looks very jolly.

It’s not just for the outdoors though, bunting brightens any room. When routing for vintage finds I often come across delightfully illustrated vintage children’s books made from thick sugar paper that have been either damaged, are incomplete or with a number defaced pages from a child’s keenness with the wax crayon.

On a blustery, rain spotted afternoon it has been a perfect time to be indoors being creative and I have made some cute bunting from these story books, one book 'Sleepy Time Tales'  is very strikingly coloured just using just four block colours, red, blue, green and yellow.

Vintage Andy Pandy books have also been given a new lease of life in the same way and very colourful they look too, finished off with a buttoned bedecked loop for hanging - something charming to adorn the little ones room ….. 

… and for us older girls, to decorate the bedroom or study….
Bunting made from vintage postcards, Victorian greeting cards, sheet music and other ephemera, decorated with old keys, crystal chandelier drops, suspender belt loops and buttons.

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.

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