Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Doddington Hall Gardens

Doddington Hall is a 16 Century late Elizabethan Manor that has remained in the same family for 400 years. The magnificent Hall is surrounded by acres of gardens, an amazing farm shop and delicatessen and a cafe selling the scummiest homemade cakes.

I spent a very relaxing afternoon with His Nibs wandering round the gardens with its quiet little areas perfectly made to sit and ponder and afterwards, coffee and cake in their award winning cafe – simply perfect!

                                A tiny heart highlighted in the 400 year old brickwork

                                      Lots of secluded areas to sit and watch the world go by

                                 In the kitchen garden even the bean supports are decorative  
                                                   Ducklings resting by the pond

                                        Ancient and beautifully gnarled  espalier fruit trees


                                                     Majestically unfurling fern fronds

                                     The stunning view into the Lincolnshire countrywide

                                       ... and little pathways and steps leading round the garden

Wild flowers

                                                          .. and huge twisting branches

                                       And at the end of the walk a visit to the lovely cafe.

Doddington Hall farm shop and cafe are open daily. House and garden openings are on the main website

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  1. Looks like a place to visit if we get the chance.


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