Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Bees Knees

Bees are one of my favourite little creatures with their jolly stripy jackets, rounded furry bodies and beautiful silky wings like crumpled tissue paper, blissfully going about their business with a glorious droning sound as they merrily amble from flower to flower collecting nectar. They don’t seem to mind you getting up close and personal with a camera and happily bump into you, and each other, as they mosey from one pollen laden flower to the next.

The break in the rain yesterday certainly brought out the bees and it was this loud humming noise that alerted me to the masses of bees invading the Choisyer bush outside my Sun room - large ones, small ones, extra fluffy ones and bees weighed down with pollen fattened legs, the Choisyer was teaming with the black and yellow furry creatures that I just had to capture on film.

An extra yellowy bee

                               Their exquisite crumpled silky wings

                               A bee in mid flight

Finally, this isn’t my own lawn but one I photographed whilst out and about on Saturday. Once again, buzzing with bees. On the surface the lawn looked lush and green but on closer inspection it was an absolute forest of tiny plants - ferns, the weeniest daisies ever, speckled clover and moss. A springy loveliness of dewy green carpet that you just wanted to run through naked ….. well, perhaps not naked but certainly bare footed.  Not exactly bowling green material but certainly the most perfect habitat for our bees.

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  1. Enjoyed looking at your blogs you are a good photographer. Loved the pictures of the girls.


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