Friday, 2 November 2012

‘’Thank God for my nice porridge …’’

Vintage children’s books hold a certain fascination for me.
With their beautiful illustrations.
And a language that just isn’t used anymore ...
... but perhaps should be.
A certain childhood innocence.
When dimpled girls wore bonnets and smocks.
And the little boys did too.
When little girls played with dollies  
And boys played with toy trains and climbed trees.
I have a number of these books from the 20’s and 30’s and use the poems and ditties in my little handmade books.
There is an assured goodness about the stories and rhymes ...
... and little sayings.
As described in one book from the 20's
‘’Pretty Pictures, Stories, and Verses for Little Girls and Boys’’
They held a message for the young child.
That is fast disappearing in today’s world.
The books are usually inscribed with a message from the giver.
I bought this delightful little book, from 1925, for the charming illustrations by a Winifred Marks.
The Child’s Book of Praise
It holds the memories of its original owner.
Judging by the flyleaf, it has been much loved.
And well read.
Perhaps read to the child by a loving parent …..
 ….. pestered by the child’s animated pleas to have the book read to them …..
… again and again …
… even though they know the words off by heart.
Of their sheer delight in the pictures …

… and with a chubby finger picking out the tiniest of detail.

The illustrations so beautifully executed.
The book described is as
‘’In this very charming and delicate little book, which has in its simplicity and sincerity an affinity with Blake, a small child gives thanks to God for the happiness around her.’’
It holds a message to be kind to others.
To think of others.
To be polite.
And .....
..... the words that must echo round little shell like ears all around the world …
‘’We must always say thank-you’’



  1. ...... so thank you for sharing this adorable book..... the illustrations are so beautiful...... I also have a passion for these children's books and love reading them ...... Happy Friday to you x

    1. Thank you for your comment - have many of these lovely vintage books and may just have to post another one in the near future ...
      Happy Friday to you too.

  2. How Beautiful and so touching, thank you for sharing....
    Bestest wishes
    Daisy j

    1. Thank you for commenting - have a lovely weekend.

  3. Beautiful. Like you say, fast disappearing in todays world. I make sure to read to my little ones every night, even though they do know it all off by heart :-)

    1. You are creating such beautiful memories for your children. A very special time for you too.

  4. I too love these old books, they are so beautiful.
    Thank you for showing us yours X

  5. What a beautiful book, i am quite envious, thank you so much for showing it.
    You have inspired me to keep an eye out for something as wonderful.

  6. A beautiful post and such a lovely book...
    I agree they are two small words, that are so easy to say.
    Gratitude is the hearts memory after all.
    Thanks for sharing with us all....
    I have my Mums children's books from the 1930,s they mean the world to me.
    Have a weekend full of loveliness.
    Love Maria x

    1. How utterly precious to have your Mum's books from her own childhood. I love that.

  7. So beautiful, I often sit and look through my old children's books, they are so very special
    Thank you for sharing
    Thea x


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