Monday, 26 November 2012

A vintage quilt, a dolls wardrobe and a stitch in time.

Last week was blustery and wet to say the least.
Cold and damp and far too windy to walk upright.
So we dropped in at a nearby antique centre on Saturday for a stroll round and a visit to their cafe.
Just for a change.
Didn’t intend buying anything.
No, really …
Then spotted this vintage quilt …
Casually folded over an old pram.

We have been looking for something for ages to drape across the settee.
Caroline Zoob style.
A deliciously worn patchwork quilt, all sumptuously soft loveliness, combining ticking, floral and dotty cottons …..
…..  in faded reds, off whites and blues.
Utterly gorgeous.

Squeals of delight all round.
And a happy dance.

Or two.


And if that wasn’t enough...

... I got this vintage dolls wardrobe, which is perfect for displaying goods at fairs.
Then to sell on, a delightful vintage picture

 ‘A Stitch in Time’
Beautifull illustration.
A little 1930’s doll dressed in her finest ...

...and finally, a strip of vintage labels for the stash basket.

Isn’t that just the way?
You see nothing at all when you want to buy …
… or lots of lovely things when you don’t.
I stopped there, as we have the Lincoln Fair coming up in a week.
And I have to save some pennies for then.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend.



  1. Lovely soft quilt... sounds perfect for you!

  2. I love all your finds but the quilt is special.

  3. Glad to have found your lovely blog through your kind comments on mine! What lovely finds - and a much better use of time than battling the awful weather! Will be looking forward to return visits.

    1. Thank you for your comment - I have been enjoying reading your lovely blog.

  4. AAAAArh that quilt, might go and sit in the corner and have a cry...lucky you, it is beautiful. x just catching up as youngests laptop has broken and mine keeps disapering!!


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