Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Blue Birds and Blossoms

Lincoln Fair was freezing.
Inhumanly cold.
Held in open countryside.
The East wind was blowing a hooly right across the site.
I was well layered up.
Still, I got round in record time …
… so I could get back home for a warm.
Managed a few bits ...


Buttons …
… you can never have too many.

French laundry labels …

… an old envelope with beautiful stamps …

… glass topped tins …
... can’t wait to start working with them.

... vintage tins ...

... which claim to 'quickly corrects flatulency and vomiting'
Very intersting.
Some teeny bits for my tag piccies.

A few vintage cards.

Pussy cat is a bit scary...

… more of an evil leer than a smile ….
… but a little Louis Wain-esque don’t you think?

... and a roll of vintage scalloped shelf edging.

Pretty blue birds and blossoms.
For the pantry.

There was also a beautifully embroidered sampler…
… that came with a set of diaries written in the most exquisite script ...
… by the young lady who embroidered the sampler.
(Sorry, no photos)

An inimitable and charming insight into life back then.
How precious is that?
Would have loved to bring them home with me …
... reading her thoughts ...
... about her life and loves ...
… but a lot of pennies, and quite rightly so …
I had to decline.



  1. What a bunch of treasures - I wonder who the indigestion patient was? Well done for braving the cold - I went to a plant hunters fair on Monday and got snowed on! Jane x

  2. Some of those items look like they came from my dads shoppe. I have a few ; )

  3. Looks like a nice selection of goodies all the same - I have been hearing about your weather on the news and it sounds frightful!
    The Sampler and diary sound like they would have been wonderful - Samplers were the first type of needlework I fell in love with...

  4. You've picked up some nice little treasures. I would've loved to have seen/read the diary and sampler! How hard it must've been to pass on that special find. Wendy

  5. Lovely goodies...especially the shelf edging. I'm so looking forward to some nice weather & fresh air bargain hunting again!

  6. ~ Ooh sounds a chilly day...but well worth the visit! LOVE the blue bird edged shelving material...soo special! And the jars with the glass top....Wonder what you will create with these? Isn't their something heart warming always about seeing vintage cards with a few sentiments from the past written inside...~ With kindest thoughts...Maria x

  7. Oh what lovely goodies ! Love the little French labels and I agree you can't have too many buttons hehehe ! have fun with your new stash ! Gail x

  8. Well worth braving the freezing cold I'd say - you tracked down some lovely vintage goodies. Gorgeous french laundry tape and buttons, and the vintage cards are so pretty.

  9. I agree I think you have been rewarded for facing that horrid cold weather, fabulous bits and pieces.
    Hugs Lynn xxx


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