Friday, 26 April 2013

Home Sweet Home

Once you find the perfect place.
To settle down ...
... and raise your family.
Nobody is going to persuade you otherwise.

This duck found her own perfect place.
She built her nest …

… filled it to the brim with the softest duck down …
… laid her eggs …
… and now sits patiently awaiting the happy event.

 In a nearby garden centre plant display …
… right among the Sweet Williams.

Absolute darling.


  1. Oh how gorgeous - imagine if they bloom just as the chicks are born! Jane x

  2. Oh, bless her. I do so love ducks and their comical nature. x

  3. So sweet!! Happy weekend! xo Heather

  4. Sweet and actually rather sensible really... Cx

  5. ~ Thank you.... for this...It really did make my heart smile :)Maria x

  6. Lucky duck to have found a nesting spot where the people care enough to protect her. It'll be interesting to see how the duck and the people cope with the cheepers when they're hatched! You'll have to keep up your visits to keep us all posted ;) Wendy

  7. Aw how lovely ! I love ducks ..they are just so cute and quite noisy too ! have a nice weekend...Gail x

  8. This is so very sweet, I love it! Minerva x

  9. Thankyou for visiting me, I'm glad you did as now I have discovered your cheery vintage style blog, it's very nice to have popped in, I had a cup of tea while I was here and a jolly good read, it was so nice I decided to follow and visit again. Betty the wood fairy


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