Monday, 1 April 2013

New Life

The first day of a brand new month.
Did you get caught out as an April Fool?
Perhaps with  the Virgin Airlines new aeroplane with the glass floor? 
Me neither.


The sun came out.

The wind dropped …
… for a while.
The birds sang.
I played for a while in the garden.

Me and the girls.

Cutting back, raking up, planting.
For me.

Scratting, sunbathing and eating bugs.
For the girls.

It was good to get out.
I soooo ache now though.
Muscles I never knew I had.


I saw new life too.

Frolicking lambs ...

... playing tag.

And the most unexpected and most touching ...
… as we later passed a field in the car …
…. a new born foal.

Still wet with the bloom of birth ...
... and unsteady on his legs.
Mummy’s eyes never left her new baby.
She was almost beaming.
It absolutely made my day.



  1. What a nice thing ... new life ... makes your heart sing!

    Vicky x

  2. ~ Ooh such a happy post....LOVE those lambs and their sweet Mums frolicking...~ Still chilly but maybe spring has sprung...A great big Awww to the baby fowl....It has made my day seeing this too.....thanks for sharing with us...With chocolate hugs...Maria x

    1. We were so blessed to see the new born baby - mummy was so enraptured ... it was so obvious that he was newly born ... if we had been just a few minutes earlier .... though I did worry about the cold for him brrr, not nice to come into the world to.

  3. mine too....lovely pics and beautiful babies all..... Happy springtime x

  4. I love this time of the year too... new life! I just love watching lambs! I've a bucket full of frog spawn, I'm dutifully carrying in and out until the frosts are over... coz I love watching teeny tiny froglets too...

    1. I would so love to have some frogspawn and even though we have a truly wildlife pond we have never had any though there are frogs and toads ... wondered if it was perhaps because we have newts and they eat them?? Enjoy your little froglets when they arrive.

  5. What adorable springtime photos. The baby colt is so sweet!! My daughter is horse crazy and we have seen two new babies born at both my sister's farm and at the stable where my daughter took lessons. You just can't help but look on in wonder at their knobby knees & sturdy legs and smile :) Thanks for sharing!! Wendy

  6. What a lovely post ... I do hope the newborn lambs and dear little foal feel some warm sun on their little bodies soon.
    M x

  7. Oh now I'm loving these illustrations - I love the limited colours that are used although I often wonder about where the artists got some of their ideas from! Nice to meet you x Jane


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