Friday, 21 September 2012

Dirty Wow Wows and Bow Wow’s

I was positively, as dear Miss Read oft says, ‘pink with pleasure’ to see two very familiar faces beaming out at me from the Grrl+dog blog this morning.

Denise, who is Grrl+dog, blogged a post a week or so ago about cherished childhood friends and a book called Dirty Wow Wow devoted to these little companions as well as a book dedicated to our doggies treasured friends called Dirty Bow Wow.

Denise has shared a couple of the responses she received to her post and both my gorgeous fellas are up there. Richard, my precious childhood teddy bear hugged and kissed almost bare and shiny (and all the more adorable for it)

and Alfie, my beautiful, handsome, much loved and much missed dog, who  sadly died, with the story of his Narna.

Alfie making himself at home in his Nana's caravan

Please pop across and have a look grrl+dog



  1. Two of my most nostalgic childhood memories are of a book I used to get read to me as a child, all I remember was the cover was purple and it was titled something along the lines of 'The Adventures of the Wombat on the Riverboat'. There was a scene in the book where they cooked pancakes and when one of the characters flipped it it landed on someones head. This used to have me in stitches. I must have been about 4 at the time.

    I also have fond memories of an audio cassette with a story about a character called Desmond the Dormouse. I seem to recall he goes on this adventure into town or something, and at some point is hiding in a watering can.

    No idea what happened to the book or cassette but I have searched high and low for both of these all over the internet with no avail. Hopefully one will turn up one day on eBay or the like and I can share them with my children.

    1. It is so sweet that these stories stayed with you into adulthood and very special that you want to share them with your own children. I hope that you can find the books.

      Thank you for sharing.


  2. Thanks for the link, I loved reading the post and particularly, Alfie's story. I was a little tearful though, I'm going soft in my old age. Have a super weekend.
    Hen x


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