Friday, 14 September 2012

Red Berries & Stripy Spiders

There is a certain chill in the air.
A definite nip.
The nights suddenly turn very dark.
Very early. 
There is the merest hint of the scent of Autumn on the breeze ..... sometimes.
A beautiful early morning light hints of the change of a season ...
... the end of Summer...
... the beginning of Autumn.

Time to grab for the camera.
For a mosey down the lane.
Take a short break from sewing linen bunnies.
Stretch my legs and go for a nose about in the hedgerows for signs that Autumn really is on its way.
One sure sign of Autumn for me is the beautiful red berry laden hedges, orange stripy spiders and Daddy Long Legs.

 Berries that look like dolls house size tomatoes

 Daddy Long Legs – look at his little knees ...

Shining berries like little jewels ...
... and the tiniest seed heads just waiting for the right amount of breeze.

 Stripy Autumn spiders ... the girls love these ….. sorry spiders!

The end of Summer.
The beginning of Autumn.
Just before the leaves start to turn.
A time to look forward to earths bounty.
Cordials and Sloe Gin.


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