Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Simple Things

I came across a new magazine (out this month) called The Simple Things (thesimplethings) which celebrates the things that matter the most; slowing down, enjoying what you have and making the most of where you live. Sentiments especially close to my own heart so I bought the first copy to see what it is like.
It is the type of magazine that you dip in and out of and find something new every time that you read it. 
 Phtoto taken from The Simple Things
Phtoto taken from The Simple Things
It is full of beautiful photography, simple recipes, and interviews, celebrating local food, home gardens and nature.

 Phtoto taken from The Simple Things
 Phtoto taken from The Simple Things
 Phtoto taken from The Simple Things

 Phtoto taken from The Simple Things
One of the things that made me smile is on the back cover – a list of some of the simple pleasures that we all enjoy …..

Walking barefoot through the grass

Licking the lid of a yoghurt pot

The cool side of the pillow

The smell of bonfire on the air

Receiving a handwritten letter

Putting out a new bar of soap on the basin

I can add a few simple pleasures of my own to that list .....

Sliding into a bed freshly made with crisp lavender scented linen

An early morning walk round the garden before anyone else is awake

The scent of rain on parched earth after a long spell of sun

A long walk on a crisp winter’s day

Watching the first snow fall and being the first to step into it

Beach combing on a deserted beach

Wrapping your feet round the hot water bottle on a winters night

Collecting fruit from the hedgerow

Eating a sun warmed pear straight from the tree

In a world that makes endless demands on our time and the stresses of everyday living it is good  to slow down, take stock and enjoy the simple things that life has to offer.

What are your simple pleasures?



  1. My simple pleasures........

    Watching a thunder storm come in across the river and the lightening arc across the sky

    Drinking hot chocolate on a winter's day

    Dew on a spider's web, such strength in something so fragile

    My cats snoozing on the bed; their paws twitching as they dream

    Sharing time with a friend

    Listening to music that is so beautiful it takes my breath away

    and I could go on, but better leave it there...

    1. ... a girl after my own heart! - I like all of those simple pleasures but could drink hot chocolate any day ...


  2. Here are a few of my simple pleasures

    Watching wild birds feeding from the bird table

    Reading a good book

    Picking wild flowers from the meadow behind the church

    Walking along the beach on a calm warm evening as the tide slowly laps over the sand

    Pottering at village fetes

  3. ... I spend ages just watching the birds feeding, the sparrows having a communal bath in the water trough or just chattering away in groups and the sea ... oh! the sea, I could do that every day. Lovely pleasures ... thank you.


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