Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Vintage Laptop?

I was listening to the local radio yesterday.
They had a 'phone in' on typewriter memories.
The last typewriter ever, was being rolled off the production line in the UK.
Another era gone.

I have a particular affection for old typewriters …

… and have a few displayed round the cottage.
I use them to write letters to friends …
… and in art or craft.

It has something to do with the font …..
….. and the lovely clattering noise as you type.
The beautiful workmanship …

… and the feel of the keys on your fingertips.

The satisfying sound of the paper being drawn from the roller ‘Murder She Wrote’ style when you have finished typing.
And the instant conjuring of an iconic image …..
….. the sleep deprived author tapping away at his latest novel …..

….. screwed up balls of discarded paper scattered over the floor.
Typewriter memories from callers to the radio station included learning to type to the sound of the William Tell Overture, which speeds up as it progresses … crikey!
… of overzealous fingers being jammed between the keys …

… or split finger ends after a day’s hard typing – yuk! …
Sticking keys, gloopy Tippex and painful knuckles (rapped with a ruler by a rather brutal teacher on spotting a student peeking at the keys).
Not exactly an nostalgic image.
My favourite typewriter is this vintage version, forerunner of the modern laptop, perhaps.
This makes more of a pleasing clickety noise rather than a clatter.

It folds down small and sits neatly into its own carry case
(I have the case but it is stored in the garage ..... there may be spiders ...)
To take anywhere .....
..... like a laptop.
How far we have come.
In such a short space of time.
Feather light, touch screen, multi fonted.
Sell check and backspace to amend any mistake.
No excuse really for any typing errors.
Yes, I do have a certain fondness for typewriters …..
… but I really wouldn’t like to be parted from my laptop.



  1. What a lovely post. A sad moment indeed that yet another item is no longer to be manufactured in this country, though.
    Hen x

  2. OOh I agree, fond memories of being first married and my husbando typing away many an assignment for his early apprentice days on his sisters vintage type writer!!
    Those were the days...
    A lovely post as always and I agree,I also couldn't live with out this laptop of mine now, it most certainly is love!!
    Sending kind thoughts ...
    love Maria x


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