Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My Speciality - a good cup of tea

Not a very colourful post.
But really quite quaint.
Social history holds a certain appeal for me …
… particularly from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.
Comparing just how we have changed.
In a relatively short space of time.
Not only in how we conduct ourselves but in the language we use.
I bought some theatre programmes from the 1920’s.
As well as the details of the play …
… every other available space in the programme is crammed with advertisements.
They are very interesting.
In the 1920’s, an evening out at the theatre was a special event.
You would dress up in your finest (no jeans here)
And nibble daintily on a box of Opera Creams.
For your evening at the Arcadia theatre (for six nights only - twice nightly)
London’s latest farcical comedy success.
You can get a seat from as little as 5d (including tax) or pay up to 2/- (two shillings) a seat.
 You can store your cycle at the theatre for free but ‘at Owner’s Risk’.
The advertisements boast that you can get a Marcel or permanent wave with Monsieur Marc in attendance ...
You can have new teeth that never change colour and never wear out …..

….. purchase a well-cut blouse from the Spirella Corset Parlours (with Mrs J A Thompson in attendance no less)…..

….. or a gown and fur from Madame Beatrice - Speciality Dressmaker – (sounds a bit like a brothel owner) …

Purchase your Opera Creams from Mrs Bullocke who proudly announces in her advertisement ‘My Speciality – A good cup of Tea’

But my favourite here has to be the timely advice given to the ladies …
Notice to Ladies – Ladies are earnestly requested to remove their hats and bonnets in all parts of the house, and so not spoil the enjoyment of persons sitting at the back of them and also kindly refrain from the dangerous practise of pinning their hats to the back of the chairs, as several serious accidents have happened through this practise.


  1. How nice .... you made me smile!
    Note to self pinning hats to the furniture haha x


  2. Oh how interesting,wouldnt it be nice to dress up to go to the theatre for the evening all pretty and girlie.Love Jill xx

  3. A long gone time when men used to always wear a suit and hat.

  4. lovely! sad that the dress code for a night in the theatre has changed so much.....nobody seems to wear hats anymore, hardly even at weddings....such a shame x

  5. How time I go to the theatre I must remember not to pin my hat on the back of my chair!
    I am sure I have some of my Mothers Theatre paraphernalia somewhere, I will have to look
    Thank you for sharing
    Thea xx

  6. A fabulous link to an era long gone.

  7. Ooh hasn't life changed and not always for the best!
    Some times feel I would be better suited to another era..
    All those hats and corsets...
    Thanks for sharing with us all.
    Love Maria x


  8. CAn you imagine the stab wounds??
    he he he


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