Thursday, 24 January 2013

Vintage Adventures and a Girl Guide Diary.

A quick trip out at the weekend.
To the flea market.
Just to stretch my legs …
… and get some fresh air.
Picked up a couple of treasures …
… not much.
A colourful pile of vintage children’s books ...

… stories of thrilling adventures with drama and excitement aplenty.

And a teeny Girl Guide note book and diary from 1934.
Belonging to a girl called Barbara.
Aged 12.

Recording her own adventures.
Swimming, camping and excursions to York and London.

Trips to see her sister Lilian and friends Beaty and Vera.
As well as helpful tips on bandaging a head …

… how to find a compass point without a compass …

… cooking in camp and how to throw a lifeline.
All useful stuff.

I just love peering into snippets of other people’s lives – don’t you?.
Wondering, what they did, their thoughts and who they turned out to be.
I easily get side tracked.
According to the diary entries, Barbara didn’t care much for school.

But loved Girl Guides and the outdoors.
I wonder who she turned out to be.
She’d be 91 now.


What else did I bring home …..
A couple of vintage annuals.

Full of beautiful illustrations …

… of cherubic children with dimpled knees.

Wearing frilly frocks covered in daisies …

… and quaint words like ‘gay’ and ‘joy’.

That’s about it .....
A small haul.
But big on entertainment and cuteness.



  1. Oh what a thrilling haul it is too! I'm the same, spending hours wondering at others' lives when I find this sort of thing. The children's books are beautiful colours. Enjoy your new treasures! x

    1. ... will do - thank you for stopping by - have a great weekend.

  2. What a lovely collection, I could sit and read them all..I love stepping back in time too
    Thea x

    1. ... they are so sweet buy from a time now sadly lost...

  3. I love it when you find some treasures, especially when you have a personal touch with the diary entries, it fascinates me. Enjoy your treasures, what will you do with them? jaynex

    1. Thank you for your comment and stopping by - the story books are to take to the Country Living Fair (though I may sneek a quick read of one or two ... ), the annuals I use for the peoms and pictures for my story boxes (little drawers with a tiny book) and the diary - I bought it for the writing for my tag pics but didn't realise what it was and not sure if I can cut it up ... so not sure now. Have a lovely weekend.


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