Monday, 14 January 2013

It Came ...

The white stuff.

Not enough to make a snowman …
… or even a snow cat.
Perhaps a snowball …
… when the neighbour is least expecting it.

But enough to lift my spirits.

I have fed the birdies.

And make me smile.

To make my finger ends numb and tingly.
And make everything pretty.

More promised.
I am waiting.
Well, perhaps not …
… more in excited anticipation.
Will sit playing with paper and glue …
… and watch for the next flakes to fall ...


Hope your view is pretty today too.


  1. Beautiful pictures ... I love the first hours of a fresh snowfall with everything dressed in lace and crystals.

  2. ... oh, so beautifully put! and so true.

  3. ...we were SO disappointed not to get any snow this morning.....everything just looks beautiful! can be such a nuisance but it just is very exciting when you wake in the morning and the world is white! have fun x

  4. Beautiful pictures! It looks lovely where you live, mind you anything that ends in "shire" always sounds as if it must be simply charming!
    I just discovered your blog today and love it - your creations are so very pretty.

  5. Yep snow definitely is nature's highlight....

  6. It even came here, right on the South coast.......but it went in about 2 hours!

  7. so nice post! thank you for your comment Silvia :-)

  8. Hello there....
    It is the silent hush that the snow brings which I find breathtaking...
    You have been waiting patiently and mother nature delivered!
    Keep warm and cosy....
    Love Maria x

  9. O Yes, I agree - you know from that silence when you wake that it has snowed! Keep cosy too.

  10. You have beautiful made things, you are so talented.and such a poetic way of writing, it is a pleasure to read.
    Chris x

  11. Lovely post!
    Beautiful photos of the snow - I wonder whether you have even more now?!!!!
    Keep warm!
    Gill xx


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