Saturday, 12 January 2013

Little secrets ...

Busy beavering away...

... still bitten by the New Year ‘new start bug’ thing.
Tidying, organising and sorting out.
As well as playing with paper and glue.

(Filling the recently purchased dolls wardrobe with little goodies)

(CK boxes and drawers are always pretty additions to organising)

(Not sure what the Kewpie's hands are doing but the little boy looks very surprised and Kewpie looks very smug!)
The rain finally stopped yesterday.

And the wind dropped.
The sun made a rare appearance.

The skies were blue.

Still cold but a lovely change from the depressing drizzles.
I even had the windows open.
Fresh air.
Today, well, today is beautiful.

Frost, a magical mist and a white sun …

… working hard to break through.
The air chilly and so, so still.
The birds are singing.
It lifts the spirits …

… and gets the creative juices flowing.

I have been sat making … 
... instead of flitting from one thing to another.
Making secrets.

Little matchbox style boxes to hold a little secret.
For sweethearts .....

..... or loved ones.
Just a glimpse …

Of work in progress …


  1. Ohhh that 'Work in progress' adorable...more please...
    anything that sparks emotional nostalgia is special dont you think?
    bestest daisy j

    1. oh yes, absolutely, nostalgia all the way!

  2. Love your little boxes and you're quite right today was beautiful! We've got your rain!!

  3. We have had an awful day and everything flooding AGAIN..... So lovely to see your sunny pics.....cant wait to see your secrets revealed! C

    1. Sorry to hear you had flooding - the sixth photo down is a couple of fields from me - still submerged.

  4. Beautiful shots of the countryside. We finally saw some sun here today too, after a long dull week. Love the little matchboxies! Wendy

  5. Thank you so mutsh for the sweet comment.
    hugs from holland
    Margarita Xx

  6. Beautiful pictures, I love them. The little boxes are awesome!!!!

    Hugs and have a nice evening,

  7. Those boxes are so sweet. x


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