Friday, 25 January 2013

The Snowman, the Snow Cat and the Snowball

I am trying hard not to mention the white stuff.
I know some of you don’t like it.
And are really fed up with it ...
... have taken to hibernating indoors.
To get away from it.

The white stuff.
We had some more.

It turned the garden into a magical wonderland.
I absolutely love it.

As you may have guessed ...

It is so beautiful.

Every detail ... so stunning .....

… so perhaps you can forgive me for posting about it just once more. 
Just one or two piccies?
Maybe three or four?

... to indulge me ...

I made my snowman ...

... and my snow cat ...

... but didn't get the unsuspecting neighbour ...
... with my snowball. 
His is bigger than me ...
... and a much better aim.

So I settled on icicles instead.

Now I will keep quiet ...
... about the snow.
 Move onto something else.


The sweetheart boxes ...
... are finished ... 



  1. Absolutely beautiful photos, I am more than happy to see more :-) I can't imagine how cold it must be with all that gorgeous snow! Here it is mid Summer and in Wintet we get a light frost but not snow. I would love to experience a Winter with snw, enjoy and have a lovely weekend, Ann

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment - I cannot imagine life without snow - we don't get enough! frost is the next best thing though - it can be so beautiful and without the messy slush clear up afterwards!

      Enjoy your sunny weekend in Wintet (what a sweet name).

  2. Lovely images... I love it too it makes everything so magical visually...but my bod can't deal with the cold and my head worries about the bills but my eyes and my soul love it!!

    1. ... it is disappearing fast. More forcast this afternoon though :0) The bills are a worry and the worst part of winter - good job it is so beautiful.

  3. LOVE the snow! We were delighted the first year in this cottage when it snowed. The neighbours laughed and told us it always snows here, we are in the highest village in our county. Wonderful pictures you have taken.
    ~ Minerva

  4. Thank you for posting such beautiful shots of freshly fallen snow ... we've had NOTHING here since Christmas, and I miss being able to take photos of it. It does change the whole landscape into a fairyland ... I love the quietness that descends after a thick snow. Wendy

  5. ~ lovely looking at your beautiful pictures from the cosiness of my warm chair..LOVE the snow cat! hehe..
    Love Maria x


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