Wednesday, 27 March 2013


We are back...
... always good to come home.


Dilbert was so pleased to see me .....
..... he didn't stop shouting for two hours ...
... or purring.
I think he missed me.

The fair went well.
We met so many lovely people.
Vintage lovers with their own stories to tell.
My new makes went down well.

As did my treasured finds.
This amazing 1950's baby grooming set.

I so wanted to do a post on this alone.
It was so darling.
But no time.
And now it is with a new owner ...
... oh hum ...
The box itself was so charming...
... it unfolded to reveal the contents. 
Inside, everything to buff baby to perfection.
Brush, comb wrapped in a bow.
Soap dish and powder drum.

The box was covered with tiny Mabel Lucie Atwell / Kewpie -esque babies ...

All muted pastels ...
... the lily pads …..

….. and ducks...

Utterly enchanting. 

I really wanted to keep it a bit longer.


At the fair ...
I desperately wanted to own this.
The most dreamy little greenhouse.

And  bench...
... inviting you to take a seat.
It was part of the entrance display...
... instead ...
 I did some swapsies with Jane of Little Dye House ...
...  who had the neighbouring stall.

Jane sells pretty clothing for women and little girls.
She accessorises her stall with vintage finds.
This year it was vintage toys.

Little dolls house.

A faded shelf full of goodies.
Aching to be played with.

We did some swapsies.
My makes with her finds.
I brought home a gloriously faded roses decorated box …..

 ... 'a present from Scarborough' ...

… and this delicate glass picture ... 

... that had to be prised from her fingers …
… will be treasured.


Back to normality.
And making.
There is the Lincoln Fair next week.
To look forward to.
... if it stops snowing ...

Hope your week goes well.
Keep warm.



  1. darling baby box...I have never sen one like it before

    1. Nor me - I have only seen adult ones - this one had obviously been treasured for a long time ... probably by his loving Mummy.

  2. Hi - thanks for your comment - no, I've been firm - the tin's gone in my unit! Your CL stall looks great - you make some lovely things. I didn't go to the CL Fair this year - often do. Abby x

    1. Oh my word - you are strong! Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment.

  3. ~ Vintage heaven....LOVE these old charming bits so dear...Really pleased, but saddened that I couldn't visit YOU too...Ooh well may be next year....With the kindest Easter blessings....Am going to have another peek at the babies grooming set......hehe....Love Maria x

    1. Sorry to have missed you too - hope there will be other opportunities. Wish I had taken more piccies of the baby bits.

  4. Love all your swapsies they are all so sweet.Love Jill xx

  5. Glad the fair went well - must've been a very busy time leading up to it and no doubt extremely hectic during it! Enjoy some quieter moments before your next one!

  6. Such beautiful treasures and so glad the fair went wonderful for you! Looks like it was fun!! Have a great day! xo Heather

  7. Love the box you received ... so aged and worn, but so lovely. I'm glad you had a great time at the fair. Wendy


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