Saturday, 16 March 2013

Strawberry cream or caramel?

Strawberry cream or caramel?

Chocolates beautifully presented.
Vintage chocolate boxes.
Don’t you just love them?

Exquisitely decorated

With be-ribboned images of glamorous ladies …

… or tender romantic scenes.

Pretty thatched cottages with abundantly filled gardens.
Of roses, foxgloves and lupins.

Cuddly doe eyed puppies ..... 

..... or fluffy kittens adorned with a big bow.

The boxes themselves were utterly charming.

Even the delicately  embossed glascine wrap.
Protecting the delights within.
Nothing sophisticated …
… or perhaps it was then …
Orange cream and coffee cream.

Soft caramel and hard toffee.
Moist coconut, hazelnut and marzipan.
And the one that no one seemed to covet …
… the grainy Turkish Delight.

I’m a soft centre girl myself.
Rose or violet cream.
Wrapped in  dark chocolate ….. yummy!
I have a modest collection of vintage boxes

Filled with ribbons, labels and other vintage goodies.

Do you have a favourite?


(My apologies for the pants quality of the piccies ... due to the miserable weather and resulting light conditions).


  1. I'm a sucker for pictures of thatched cottages surrounded by beautiful gardens! Inside I'd want to find chocolate covered fudge or caramel...

  2. I love those old choccy boxes (but don't have any, well maybe one but it's not that pretty). Like you, I am a fondant centre girl but I also like the turkish delight too. Keep those hard centre toffee thingies away from me (luckily, that's all the other half likes!)
    Hen x

  3. Your boxes are beautiful and so perfect for all the little sewing fripperies, much better than a plastic box. Soft centres enrobed in dark choc for me every time! M x

  4. Love these vintage images! They are perfect for Easter's decorations.


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