Saturday, 30 March 2013

The greenhouse is buffed

I was wrong …
Spring hasn’t sprungeth.
The buds showing joyfully only a few weeks ago …
… seem to have been put on hold.

It is snowing as I type.
Tiny flakes of powdery snow.
Settling in a thin white veil.

As much as I love winter …
… the snow, the frost and the cold …
… and I truly do …
… I long to see the lambs

… the birds gathering for their nests ...

… for the signs of new life.

My fingers itch to get in the garden.
Among the flowers.

To wander, to dig and plant.

The greenhouse if buffed ready for action.
 My fingers poised ready to put the clocks forward tonight.

For that glorious extra hour of daylight.
In which to potter and plan …

… for when Spring finally does come.



  1. I love this post, those illustrations are gorgeous! Suzy xx

  2. ~ Such a lovely post.... Winter still has us in her grasp! but your pictures have brightened my day! Happiest Of Easter Blessings To YOU and YOURS...Chocolate Hugs...Maria x

  3. There are flakes of snow swirling around in the wind here today. Cold! More cloud than sun. And only one flower (snowdrop) brave enough to break through the ground and actually open! I have faith that April will warm quickly enough and we'll soon be complaining of the heat! Love the images in your post ... vintage charm :) Wendy

  4. Lovely post,thanks for sharing such lovely illustrations. Happy Easter and hope Spring does come soon :o)
    Xxlove juliex


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