Saturday, 2 March 2013

It has sprungeth!

Yep, I think it may have.
Tussling winter for her place perhaps.

Snowdrops are the last flower of winter

Aconites, crocuses and primroses the first flowers of spring

And they are here in abundance.
Swathes of yellow and splashes of purple, lilac and blue.

Other flowers too

Daffodils …
… not open yet but are definitely yellow in their budding readiness.

The trees and shrubs are all tipped in lime green.

… we have had warm sunshine for a couple of days.
Not a hint of a breeze.
The cottage windows thrown open all day.

Dilbert could be found taking in the rays on every window sill as he followed the sun round.
The girls were dust bathing in their own sun warmed spot.
Grinning in bliss
No, honestly!

Winter is still throwing in the odd morning of frost.
And that definite nip when the sun goes down.
But I think spring has spungeth ...

Makes me want to skip …


... don't forget the gift-away in my last post.


  1. Spring has sprung - I'm so jealous! Still winter here in Minnesota but the smell of spring is in the air. Another month and the snow should be gone. Gorgeous pictures of flowers give me hope that it will be our turn soon! Thank you!


    1. Another month of snow!!! I do miss the snow but it is lovely to see the flowers.

  2. beautiful spring time photos they are soo gorgeous,, very thick frost here this morning so jack frost has won again,for now, but hoping for some sunshine later maybe.
    The things you have made are beautiful too and wanted to say, good luck, you'll do fab at the fair :-) with all those prettys...wish I could be there but all the best of luck xx

    1. Thank you for stopping by - will post some piccies of the fair for you - not as good as being there in person but it does save you pennies!

  3. Gorgeous spring flowers!! I am eager for the spring weather and pretties!! Happy day to you! xo Heather

  4. Such beautiful flower shots! Still deep in -10c and thick snow here :( But your pictures give us all hope :) Wendy

  5. Hi Humphreycumfycushion.

    I came across your blog whilst searching on Google for 'vintage girl guide' and the pictures of the lady's old GG diary came up, I've had a read through your blog and am utterly enchanted by it. It's such a delight and full of such beautiful things. I shall be following it from now on.

    1. It is so lovely to have you as my latest member - thank you very much for stopping by and your sweet comment.

  6. ~ It's lovely to welcome the spring time flowers once more...Crocus take my breath away, I must admit. YOUR pictures are so lovely! ~ with kind thoughts....Maria. Ooh thank you for kind visits always! Love Maria x


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