Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Famous Five Go Adventuring again

… okay, only two of us, and we’re not famous, but I like the title and I loved the books. Here is some more of our adventures of our Cornwall weekend.
Saturday morning was really bright first thing so we set off very early to visit Kynance Cove before the crowds came out. We had discovered Kynance Cove for the first time a couple of years ago when we stayed at Cadgewith. The tide was out then so we could walk along the beach. It was enchanting. The sun was low but dazzling, bouncing in beams off the rocks and reflecting the whiteness of the sand and almost turquoise water. This time though we found the tide was fully in and, half way across the coastal path, the weather changed dramatically. Within seconds, the sky turned a thunderous black and the temperature dropped, the wind whipped up and the heavens opened. There was no shelter whatsoever. We were drenched to the skin in seconds. There was nowhere to go. You have to get wet. So, saturated and shivering, we kept calm and carried on to the cliff edge and looked down. The contrast to our first visit was staggering. The rocks were now dark and menacing, the sea churning and crashing over the rocks in thundering white foam and creating loud echoing booms as it rushed into hidden caves below us. It was just as magical and mesmerising.

The coastal path to Kynance Cove and the gathering storm clouds ...

... compared with Kynance Cove two years ago
When the sun shone ...
... and the sunbeams bounced off the rocks

This time the tide was in.

... and the rocks looked black

and the water more dramatic but still as magical

The coastal path to Kynance Cove is brimming with wild flowers including tiny tissue paper like cranes bills
... and sunny yellow birds foot trefoil

and pink clovers

After stopping off at Valerie to dry off and change we set off to Mousehole. We always stop off for a stroll round Mousehole, a little fishing village with yellow lichened cottages huddled round the harbour, because it is so pretty and picturesque.
Like the majority of the coves and harbours on The Lizard, the water here, even outside the harbour, is so crystal clear you can see the bottom. The depth marker attached to the outer harbour wall showed that the water there was nine feet deep and you can still plainly see the pebbles and shells strewn along the sand at the bottom. It’s captivating - you just want to lower yourself in. The locals were busy in the harbour setting up stalls for a carnival so there was a buzz about the place. The sun had come back out and the sea was flat calm with the small boats within the harbour walls gently bobbing on the water tugging at their moorings.

The Mousehole car park attendant sounds like a nice man

The lichen covered cottaged round the harbour

The little harbour ...

... and finally, a tiny crooked lane with stone cottages

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