Thursday, 2 August 2012

Happy Dance

At last! Our long awaited trip to Cornwall, albeit very short, is finally here (countdown now in mere hours) and the cosy vintage caravan beckons. The last few days have found me in a flurry of excitement and animated activity and His Nibs in a combination of sheer delight in seeing Cornwall again and a soupcon of trepidation in staying in a pink caravan. Any misgivings though are overridden by the thought of sinking his teeth into a warm Cornish pasty or two …. or three, and a Cornish cream tea.
The last days have been spent preparing for the trip and the Fair - I am sure you will agree that there is just as much work to do whether it is a weekend away or a week!  As well as the packing and preparing the house for my friends to come to look after the furry purries and the girls, there is the sorting, pricing and last minute preparation for the Portscatho Fair on the Sunday though I have spent some blissful hours curled up on the sofa surrounded by pretty fabric making little fripperies for the fair.

I think, I am finally ready - though, with the rain lashing down outside as I type, I am mentally adding to the clothes I've already packed (wispy flowery frocks and pretty strappy sandals, in expectation of long summer days), to include more sturdy stuff to cope with possible cold and rain.

We set off in the early hours, which is my absolute favourite time of the day so I am almost uncontainable and in constant happy dance mode (you can tell I don’t get out much!) but it is His Nibs absolute worst time of the day so he is very, very grumpy until fortified mid-way by strong tea and a bacon sandwich.

Here are some of the little things that I have been busy making for the fair.

                                                           Little brooch envelopes

Large marshmallow soft hearts made from vintage blanket wool and embroidered with a sweet     verse

                                    Create 'n' make kits to make this baby bunny or a pretty kitty

                                                         Pinwheel brooches and hair slides
If you are in the neighbourhood on Sunday please do call in at the Portscatho Fair and say ‘hello’.


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