Saturday, 18 August 2012

The sea casts its spell ...

The sea,

Once it casts its spell,
Holds one in its net of wonder

I don’t know where this poem came from – I liked it and later used it on a scrapbook page of my Father-in-Law who was a sailor all his life and had the sea in his blood.

The words are so true.

The sea is healing.

We took a walk down to Church Cove and had a look round first at the little grave yard at the top of the cove, where many sea men are at rest, before walking down to the beach. There are some lovely and unusual inscriptions but I was very taken with these intricately inscribed head stones - such delicate and exquisite workmanship still clear even after 160 years of coastal wind and rain and storms. There were a few stones like these two so maybe they were worked by the local stonemason. Close up you could see the individual chisel marks in the stone.

Down on the beach there was already a number of families and boarders in the surf so we climbed across the rocks to a more secluded area where the smooth seal like rocks held little sun warmed pools of water.

Huge swathes of baby mussels waiting for the return of the tide.

I took so many photos of the sea and I don’t want to bore you with seascapes so I do have to restrain myself from posting too many but I just love the colours and the mood. The dark  brooding rocks against the light sparkling off the sea.


I just love these two pictures – really simple with the sea and sky the same colour – the only difference is the sunlight dancing off the water creating these silver shards.

We spent ages just watching. Just listening. To the waves crashing over the rocks.
Yes, the sea heals.


  1. You can never have too many pictures of the sea - they're really beautiful, I could almost smell the salt in the air.

  2. Thank you for your comment ..... know what you mean - if I close my eyes I can still smell the sea and hear it.


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