Friday, 17 August 2012

Chocolate Box Pretty

On the way to the caravan we stopped in at Charlestown - a working port which harbours a fleet of riggers ships and has been host to TV locations for Poldark, Hornblower and Mansfield Park - to stretch our legs with a walk round the harbour. This is the first time that we have been here and seen the tide out so we had a meander round the harbour wall and then a walk down along the waters edge and a look in the  little rock pools left by the tide.

An old fishermans hut housing the tools of his trade.

A boat at rest on the damp sand within the harbour walls

Stone steps built into the side of the harbour wall, worn smooth by centuries of fishermen’s boots

 The tide had left seaweed draped  elegantly over the rocks …..


….. the fine seaweed looked like mermaids hair curling at the ends

 Teeny little crabs the size of my little finger nail and smaller, black or beautifully translucent scurried amongst the pebbles.

We later went on to Coverack on the East side of the Lizard Peninsular, a quaint and extreemly pretty little coastal village and fishing port with a tiny harbour built in 1724. Cottages in the village are said to have secret cellars that were used to hide contraband by smugglers. The tide was fully in here so we sat on the harbour wall and watched the boats and children diving into the sea from the wall.

Colourful boats were tied up within the harbour walls, bobbing  prettily on the surface like toy boats in a bath

 The view of the harbourcoming into the village

Oh and the chocolate box cottages are just exquisuite.
More to come  later ...

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