Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Pen Fairy

I spent a very pleasant pottering sort of Bank Holiday Monday, cooking quantities of bolognese for freezing, baking (cakes and bread) and generally catching up on the mundane but highly satisfying jobs like cleaning out the ‘Bob’ drawers, which contain a lot of little odd and bobs that find their way there with nowhere else to go.

In our home there are often exasperated cries of ‘’I can’t find a pen!’’.
No matter how many we have, they just disappear.
Into nowhere.
You put one down and when you go to pick it up it’s gone.
His Nibs blames me.
I blame him.
We both blame The Pen Fairy.
I now humbly apologise to The Pen Fairy. Clearing out the Bob drawers (yes, there is more than one) I found the missing pens.
Under the drawer liner, at the back of the drawer, under the general clutter.
All 35 pens, 33 pencils and 4 pairs of scissors.

Sorry, Pen Fairy.

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