Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Last Leg

Here is the last leg, or installment, of our Cornish weekend.
Sunday was The Portscatho Summer Fair and as always the hall was buzzing with vintage lovers, stall holders and visitors alike. The day turned out glorious, sunny and still, with the hall doors thrown open to let the outdoors in.  We met some lovely, lovely people – both selling vintage goodies and customers who visited our stall.

 A quick peek at the stalls  

The Fluffy Slug!
We were up on the stage this time
1930’s dolls house

A super cute vintage dolls pram …

The hall looking down from the stage
Although dead beat after being on our feet all day, after the fair and a bite to eat, we had a walk down to Godrevy Cove to stretch our legs wandering down narrow lanes and across fields to get to this remote cove. The sun was just starting to go down so the light was amazing, sort of hazy through the green hedges.

A short cut through a wildlife garden
Beautiful hedge lined lanes ...

... packed with different plants including this bright green fern
Ivy and moss covered entrance stones and styles
Across fields you can see the sea
The beach was deserted apart from a couple of lads fishing and a collection of little wading birds scurrying along the tide line. The tide was on its way in so we walked to the far edge of the beach to sit and watch the waves wash in over the rocks.

These quaint little birds – I’m not sure what they are but perhaps someone can tell me? - were scurrying around the water’s edge pecking at the wet sand and then when the water lapped back in they ran chattering together out of its reach.

Our last morning we did a detour via Tintagel to visit The Old Post Office, a stunningly beautiful and enchanting higgledy piggledy 14th-century stone longhouse with charming tumbled weathered, lichen covered roofs and deep stone mullioned windows with thick rippled glass. The uneven walls and heavily beamed ceilinged rooms had well-worn stone flag floors leading off crockety stone stairs and large open fires. Upstairs the bedrooms with their wide creaky dark polished floorboards (where you could see down through the gaps into the room below) were dotted with handmade rag rugs. The upstairs rooms contained large oak chests worn smooth with huge iron hinges and locks and high beds topped with glorious faded quilts. The bedroom walls decorated with exquisite hand embroidered samplers.

Fustratingly, my camera battery conked out on me after the first photo of the house so I was close to hysteria having such a beautiful specimen standing right before me and no camera! The day, and my sanity, was saved by a quick thinking hubby and his mobile phone so all was not lost even though the quality of the photos is not good, especially inside.
The rear cottage garden
The higgledy piggledy roof ...

... and tiny deep windows
Exquisite samplers
 An ancient hand forged door handle with upside down key hole

Deep windows with window seat
A tiny bedroom fireplace with ragrug

Our few days in Valerie were over so all that was left to do was to stock up on pasties for friends and head off home ….. until the next time.
Hope you have an enjoyable Bank Holiday Monday.

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