Thursday, 16 August 2012

''Why don't you come on over Valerie?''

Valerie, the 1950’s pink caravan was simply lovely, nuzzled between trees at the edge of a meadow, off a high hedged country lane and surrounded by fields. Much to His Nibs dismay, I have been bitten by the caravan bug (in several places) and now hanker after a vintage one even if it just to sit in the orchard as a garden room – a pea green one preferably, or perhaps, sky blue and cream.  I just loved the fact that every single inch of the caravan had been utilised and the pure cosiness, snuggled under the eiderdown at night especially when the rain was lashing down on the roof. The inside was decorated with beautiful pink and blue faded roses wallpaper, dusky pink curtains (and a sink with the tiniest plug ever – I love things in miniature) with a jug of sweet scented pink and lemon roses awaiting us. How much better can it get??  I will tell you …..  a proper swing virtually outside the door!

I loved playing on the swings as a child and spent many happy an hour at the park swinging as high as I could get but it is even better now, soaring with carefree abandon, the wind in your hair, skirt flying and the feeling of weightlessness. Suspended from the branch of a large tree the swing was made from thick rope with a wide timber seat to accommodate two people (or one, if your derrière is as generous as mine) and fastened so high in the tree that you swing in glorious slow motion. It is guaranteed to clear your mind of any concerns.

During the day we explored coves, walked along beaches, pored over rock pools, strolled cliff tops or simply sat on beach listening to the sea wash over the rocks. In the evenings we snuggled cosied up in Valerie surrounded by flickering candles.

Valerie was nestled under the trees


 surrounded by fields .....

down high hedged country lanes

..... with moss covered stone stiles

You can barely make out the swing dangling from the big tree on the left. To the right there is a blue log swing thingy but this was too painful and unladylike for me and only tried once - took a while to recover from that one .....

A lovely seating area outside with a gas lantern to sit at dusk and watch the stars.

... and a kissing gate made just for me!

I will post more piccie's of our visit later.

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