Friday, 31 August 2012

Nose Down, Elbows Out …..

… for a spot of foraging at the Newark Antiques and Collectors Fair last week.

Acres of stalls.
Plenty to see.
Tables and tables of treasure.

Vintage haberdashery stalls to drool over.
Expanses of gorgeous slubby linens.

I didn't come up for air ...
... for a long time...
Sumptuous cases of creamy vintage lace.

... and linen thread ...

  The unusual and the unique.

... and just beaufitul ... much loved and much hugged childhood companions.

Sat waiting patiently.

For their new home.
I so wanted to bring him home ..... but the price tag wouldn't let me.
… and just as pleasing as the acquiring is the pouring over purchases once you get them home. Here are some of my finds.

 A tiny folded and wax sealed note written in Latin dated 1837
 A weeny hand sewn dolls jacket
 Acres of vintage ribbon
 Worn Durham quilt pieces in faded pastels
 Linen bundles
An unusual Beswick tea set ...
 ... and pretty trio
 Bundles of old letter and documents
 Cow & Gate advertising cards
 Bits of jewellery - wonder who she was ...
 It would be rude to come away without buttons ...
 A delightful French learning book ...
 ... with the most exquisite illustrations.
And a vintage Sleeping Beauty pop up and slider book, which is in perfect condition.
  The evil old witch planning her wicked deed .... scary
The whole household fell under the witches spell
... but they lived happily ever after.



  1. Gorgeous finds! I haven't been for years, it would be dangerous... Hope you have a super weekend.
    Hen x

    1. I have to be very disciplined, especially as Lincoln, Newark and Swinderby Fairs are so close together. Enjoy the weekend.



  2. Swwooooonnnn!


    You bought the motherload. I have a fetish for vintage haberdashery and as for that teddy - but I see you already have many wonderful studio assistants... will you resell??

  3. I so desperately wanted to take him home(along with his chair) but alas, he was out of my league and I had to drag myself away gazing longingly backwards. I hope he found a lovely home...


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